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Corporate Presentation :
Corporate Presentations are the new age company profiles, that help in communicating and building a unique brand image for the company. A beautiful narration of company's history, background, team, products / services, infrastructure, facilities, achievements, contact details and many more vital informations will help the company to market its products and services in a better way. This will enable you to impress your clients at their comfort.
Corporate Presentations or Corporate AVs are sophisticated tools that creates an everlasting impression on your target audience and it uplifts the image of the company.
Corporate Presentations or Corporate AVs are sophisticated tools that creates an everlasting impression on your target audience and it uplifts the image of the company. These presentations are very successful at grabbing people's attention. It results in higher retention of presented information by viewers, when compared to static text, graphics, or even audio. It is more compelling due to its ability to trigger multiple senses at the same time.
RIVOX Advantage :
At RIVOX, we specialize in creating world class corporate Presentations from Concept to completion, which includes :
  • Conceptualization
  • Visualization
  • Professional High-end Video Shooting

  • 3D, 2D and Flash animations
  • Video Editing and Integration
  • Transfer to various mediums for distribution
Corporate presentations created by our team for major Corporate across the globe, reflect the high Quality standards expected by any global company and promise efficient and effective communication. In short, our service has surpassed the expectations of our clients and the results have made them smile their way past their competitors.
Film Productions :
Film is an audio visual medium. Anything which might be inadequate to summarize with words and illustrations, can be elaborated vividly with the help of film and video. Rivox is well equipped with latest film making techniques and ideas enabling the clients to strategically plan business moves so as to achieve maximum returns on their investments.
Corporate Video Film :
Starting a new business? Need promotion of the service with visual description? Rivox helps clients to do so with flair. Rivox caters to the broad client base in different sectors adhering to their tastes, formats and requirements. To achieve this Rivox believes in the rigorous processes of pre-production (concept, idea, script) ; production (filming, interviews, photography) and post production (editing, sfx, sounds, titles).
         Rotofilt Engineers Ltd.
         Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Vardhman Stampings Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Overview :
What can be better than a visual overview of the services rather than just dictating with or without still images? . A corporate overview depicts the essentials right from the root to the surface, with an uplifting musical filler. Rivox believes in creating exciting narrations with dynamic visuals to overwhelm the viewers of our clients.
         Rotofilt Engineers Ltd.
         Industrial Tools & Dies

Janak Trading & Mfg. Co.

Product Video Film :
The journey is essential to the dream – Francis of Assisi
A product or process video film includes the total stages of production of your company’s product right from raw material to processing, processing to testing, testing to packaging, and packaging to dispatch. To achieve this Rivox believes in proper planning, flow charting, shot break downs, and involvement in the manufacture throughout.
         Rotofilt Engineers Ltd.
         Eco-Green Products Pvt. Ltd.
         Indo-Dutch Consultancy
Promotional Video Film :
A product or service without promotion is like keeping hot cakes in a container. The better the promotion the bigger the success. Rivox provides services to promote the vivid factors of your company with appropriate information and understanding of your company’s product and services.
         Eicher Tractors (TAFE Group)
Motivational Film :
The best way to make one excel in his job and give 100 % is through setting examples that motivates him. Rivox is well aware of this and considers it to be an essential step in the growth of a company. Hence it provide services of making such film to uplift and encourage your marketing and sales team, helping them to endeavor in achieving good results for your company.
         Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited
Educational Film :

In the 21st century education can be and has been imparted through various alternative teaching methods, one of them being educational films. Rivox provides this service with engaging and interactive films which makes learning easy and fun for students. These films have been successfully incorporated in classrooms with positive response.

         ISRO-DECU (Education Department)
Institutional Video Film :
In today’s world institutions are well scrutinized by the candidates and their folks. Rivox provides in-depth depiction of the activities, prospects and infrastructure of an institute which helps one understand the functions and goals.
         ISRO-DECU (Education Department)
Testimonial Video Film :
As you sow so shall you reap. We believe if you have done the hard work and earned laurels, take pride. Testimonial films are an evidence of appreciation of your company’s products and services for your clients, where your company’s skills and accomplishments are highlighted.
         Bharat Gas (BPCL)
Documentary Video Film :

There is so much that happen around us that we hardly stop and ponder about. Yet there is so much more than meets the eye, many issues and events which deserve a proper documentation in the form of a film. We produce films effectively communicating to the masses which portray real life situations revolving around different sectors that keep the audience well informed about several facts and incidents.  Our team of documentary filmmaking is highly professional which leaves no stones unturned to fulfill the exact demands of the client, that too at the best rates in the industry. These films are highly appreciated in public for their clarity and good visualization.

         Navchetan Mandal
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